about multi frame LEDUP

Showcase your product in a revolutionary display system of superb quality with multi frame LEDUP with high quality OSRAM LED technology.

A high level of brightness and even illumintion makes LEDUP a champion among illuminated displays. Set up decorative focal points or combine several modules for larger illuminated displays – both allow you to create sophisiticated mood elements, even in big rooms.

With just a few easy touches, an impressive appearance is guaranteed. Compact design and sophisticated cardboard carrier allow for optimal storage and transport of both components and digital prints.

The system multi frame LEDUP consist of single modules in two widths 85 and 100 cm / 33.4“ and 39.4“ and three heights  200/202 (incl. base) / 78.8“/96.5“ (incl. base), 230/232 (incl. base) / 90.6“/91.3“ (incl. base) and 245/247 cm (incl. base) / 96.5“/97.3“ (incl. base). All system parts are available as spare parts.

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product video

The video on the left shows some more details of these products.

tool-less assembly

LEDUP consist of just a veiw parts and can be quickly assembled without tools. Both allow for quick and easy use. Simply pull out the components from the carrier, connect them and set up the preassembled base tracks – done! Easy to use silicon lip edging allows for easy, flat mounting of your print media and can be easily exchanged.


One profile – profile dimension (depth) 80 mm / 3.2” is used for this display frame. LEDUP is made of high quality anodized aluminum and are UV resistent. The design and shape are very slim and timelessly elegant. 

With a meticulous finish, even the edges are pleasant to the touch. The connectors are almost invisible after set-up. Your digital prints will look appealing from all angles.


plug & play

Frames can be delivered in parts. This safes transport costs and packing material. Assemble the frame, connect driver and cables – plug it in and finished.

LED side illumination

The modular design of the OSRAM LED modules allows us to back light almost any frame size with an even, bright light with no hot spots. The perfect combination of LED and lens guarantees the absolute even lighting and brightness without any shadows.


packaging – type 1: cardboard packaging

LEDUP is surprisingly light weight. A light box display measuring 100 x 200 cm / 39.4“x 78.8“ weighs only 8,7 kg / 19.2 lbs. and comes in a practical and eco-friendly cardboard box. There is a separate section in the case where the panels can be savely stowed.

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set up video

The video on the left shows the step-by-step set up out of the cardboard packaging.

packaging – type 2: ABS transport case

If you intend to use  the system very often including set-up and dismantling we recommend to choose the system with the sturdy ABS transport case. The ABS transport case with a scratch protected surface comes with strong zip fastening, handles on three sides and rubber coated wheels for safe and easy transportation. Three tension belts hold the system in the case. There is a special section in the case where panels can be safely stowed. The case measures WxHxD 118 x 15 x 32 cm / 46.5“x 5.9“x 12.6“

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set up video

The video on the left shows the step-by-step set up out of the ABS transport case.


Multi frame LEDUP light boxes can be used as single or double sided floor display, room divider, backdrop, for shops and product promotions, and many other display solutions.